With so many options and advice today, we know how challenging it can be to make the right decision. We understand the frustrations that come with trying to resolve your own medical mysteries, chronic pain and complex symptoms. More and more people are feeling disillusioned with conventional medicine.

We hope that our website is just an introduction for you to see what we can offer. We are committed to working with you, and your family to find the best course of action through our professional experience, passion, and knowledge on complex issues that have profoundly impacted our lives. We hope we can also make a positive difference in yours.

Meet Dr. Jay Moore

After seeing several chiropractors, naturopaths, and specialists, I still suffered from debilitating migraines, vertigo and digestive issues. I tried everything, only to have a few days or weeks of relief, always waiting for the next wave to come. When I first discovered a specific upper cervical adjustment, it changed my life and I knew then it was what I wanted to share with the world, and people like you, who may be also searching for answers.

Meet Dr. Melanie Moore

My life changed because of my chiropractor when I was 18, and again when I was 25. Both times debilitating pain kept me from doing the things I loved. Being “too young for back pain” I was always dismissed and I never felt heard. When my chiropractor confirmed it wasn’t all in my head, I finally felt like I was going to get the help I needed – and she was right. After seeing eleven different specialists, and several inconclusive tests, I finally was able to find permanent relief. I started working with a naturopath in 2007 which expanded my knowledge on helping people from a more holistic perspective, and then in chiropractic. Over the last sixteen years I have taken every experience (both positive and negative) and shaped my approach to helping others by offering hope and nearly two decades of experience. I hope to empower you to believe you are strong and healing is possible. We look forward to helping you!

Dr Melanie is currently on sabbatical and is not accepting new patients.

Dr Jay and Dr Melanie bring a collective 30+ years of experience in holistic health and healing to Revive. They have two active children who love to participate in dance, gymnastics, baseball and parkour.

Meet Ari

Massage Therapy

Hi, I’m Ari. I’m a wife, mom and a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body, mind and spirit. I specialize in helping people with chronic pain relief, illness & injury recovery, and mind body awareness since 2013. I am also certified as a pediatric massage therapist so your whole family can benefit from nervous system regulation, increased range of motion and improve the quality of your sleep. I utilize a variety of massage modalities and somatic techniques including neuro-structural bodywork, lymphatic drainage, and Gua Sha to enhance your health & wellbeing.

Meet Regan


Before joining the team, I was feeling hopeless, stuck and lacked direction. I also was struggling with a variety of symptoms that were holding me back, but I didn’t know where to go or what to do next. I had never heard of upper cervical care before, but it wasn’t long before I saw how big the changes could be. My life has completely changed both personally and professionally. I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to help others experience the same big changes in their life. I look forward to helping you start your healing journey too, here at Revive!